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Friday July 23rd, 2010
5:30pm - 10:00pm
Registration begins at 5:00pm

Chateau Nova Hotel & Suites
159 Airport Road
Edmonton, AB
Canada T5G 0W6
(780) 424-6682

At this event, you will learn:

1) Secrets of the Millionaire Eyes

- What the Rich See... that the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

2) How your "Higher Self" is directly related to Your Income

3) Mastering Influence

- How to Influence... Without people feeling sold or Influenced

- Specific techniques and a 7 step process on how to massively increase your Income

4) You will also have a chance to win a FREE Abundance Game: The Ultimate Human Training Tool

- The Abundance® Game

Updated Box Image Abundance Game (2).jpg

- All in a fun and energetic setting!!!

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$10 USD now or $40 USD at the door


"As a new business owner, I came to Brandon wanting to learn how to create more sales in my business. Sales is something that I've always had conflict with, because I have felt like I am taking advantage of people when I try to sell them. In spending 90 minutes with Brandon, my world was rocked! I was able to take the principle I learned in that 90 minutes and made my first sale in less than 20 minutes, one more the same day, and yet another the following day! I attempted 5 sales and made 3! Better yet, I walked away never feeling like I took advantage of them."
- Keith Hubbard

"Thank you for your powerful presentation. It was completely different than other speakers in how financial knowledge and passive income techniques are related to our Higher Self and Universal Principles. The concepts presented have truly affected me on a deeply personal level. I am inspired to "kick my hyena" and live within my Higher Self."
- Lynnette Tomlinson
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